SAVE THE DATE: 4/28/17 at 7:00 PM                         Location: Filament Theater
                                                                                             4041 N. Milwaukee, Chicago

Early Bird Pricing:
               Table (seats 8): $350                                 Individual Tickets: $45

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Hands to Help Announces Monthly Giving Program

Hands to Help Ministries is a nonprofit organization assisting an average of one hundred neighbors annually. We serve the Old Irving, Portage Park and West Walker communities, by providing case management and resources for neighbors on the brink of losing their homes and those living on the street.

Hands to Help stops the cycle of homelessness by offering services and providing financial resources through our Neighbor Assistance Fund. Many neighbors live paycheck to paycheck without a rainy day fund. When they become responsible for unexpected expenses or their work hours fluctuate, they often do not have the savings they need to maintain their home. Without intervention these expenses, often less than $500, can lead to homelessness. Once they become homeless the downward cycle builds often leading to unemployment and children missing school. Being able to stop the homelessness cycle before it starts is key to limiting the distress and trauma.

Hands to Help recently created a monthly giving program, Neighbors Lift because housing is a monthly expense. Your generous monthly gift makes a huge impact on your neighbors. For example,

  • $15 a month funds one day of travel costs for our outreach worker reaching neighbors experiencing homelessness on the Northwest side of Chicago.
  • $25 a month funds one hour of case management helping neighbors maintain their homes including offering resources on employment and other essential social services, as well as help with budgeting.
  • $45 a month expands our ability to help neighbors obtain and maintain their home by increasing the funds available to neighbors through our Neighbor Assistance Fund.

Participating in the Neighbors Lift monthly giving program is easy. Make your first payment on our secure website using the Donate button. In the note section of your donation, ask to become a member of Neighbor Lift. Gayle, our Executive Director will email you the form for you to provide your credit card information and we will take care of the rest. After donating, share your decision on social media to encourage others to participate. The more neighbors participating the more we can help. If you have questions, contact Gayle at And Thank you!