Give the Gift of Home this Holiday Season

As all of us at Hands to Help Ministries celebrate the holiday season and get ready for 2017, we thank you for partnering with us to support our neighbors on the brink of losing their homes and those who are experiencing homelessness. With your hands and funds, we helped one hundred neighbors stay in their homes and find housing this year.

Hands to Help Ministries works in our local community of Old Irving and Portage Park. We serve neighbors such as Al who works full-time as a manager at a local coffee shop. Over the summer, while he was experiencing homelessness, he was referred to Hands to Help. Our Outreach Worker helped him create a budget and connected him with the Irving Park YMCA. In September, with a grant from our Client Assistance Fund, he moved off the street and into his own home.

For many neighbors, $400 or less is the difference between living on the streets and having a stable home. By, living paycheck to paycheck, without a rainy day, they do not have a safety net to fall back on in times of crisis. In these situations, a drop of just a few hours or an unplanned medical expense can be disastrous.

Your donations throughout the year and particularly at this critical time, help neighbors like Al continue to work and obtain housing. Hands to Help is a small grassroots organization run and supported by individuals and families who believe in supporting our neighbors and local community. Many worship with you and share your love of the Old Irving and Portage Park community.  Together we identify neighbors before they are evicted and work with neighbors living on the street.

Your financial support makes a huge impact on our work. Please visit our website at and Thank you!